This post was originally going to be about my admiration for the two Mount Hebron HS students who testified in front of the Board of Education last night. Two students of color – African-American & Southeast Asian-American – requested that the Board assure the FY2017 budget includes funds for additional classes in non-European studies. They testified that learning about other cultures might prevent incidents like the racist rant from their classmate. (You may remember I wrote about this recently.) This came on the heels of a peaceful protest earlier in the day.

Then I checked my Twitter feed this morning.

The African-American student that spread the video to his/her friends to expose the racism has been suspended. For creating a disruption evidently. I suppose it’s this phrase in the bullying policy – “substantially disrupts the orderly operation of a school.” Punishing the initial “spreader” of the video seems an overreaction or misreading of that particular language.

What do you think? There is a PTSA meeting tonight at Mount Hebron.

2 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. H. C. says:

    Why was the student who was brave enough to call out someone’s racism suspended? How may I find out more? This seems so unfair. Thanks for bringing attention to the issue.


    • Because there are privacy issues (rightly so), we don’t know the exact reasons. But here’s my theory: The kid that exposed the video sent it to his/her friends rather than alerting a teacher/administrator. Spreading it on social media caused a disruption. Here’s the second part of my theory with a dose of cynicism: if it had gone directly to an adult, would it have been disclosed? Would we be having this important discussion? Call me cynical, but…


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