Choose Advocacy

Over the past few years, I have learned a lot about the different advocacy groups here. We have so many intelligent, informed and caring people in Howard County. In recent days, I have been proud and impressed with my neighbors.

Monday night, I attended an event for Grassroots. If you aren’t familiar with their mission, please look at their website. They help displaced people with medical care, counseling, financial help and food & shelter.

At the Howard County state delegation forum Tuesday night, the Community Action Council asked for an expansion of their food bank facilities. Demands on the county food bank have been increasing exponentially. The amount requested seems rather small and Delegate Frank Turner asked whether our food bank compares to Anne Arundel County.

The Police Department and others supported a bill to combat human trafficking. Some activists had visited questionable establishments to gather information and provide resources to potential victims. Entering such places is risky, but they are trying to help innocent people.

Delegate Miller & Delegate Atterbeary proposed two bills regarding the Howard County Public School System on transparency and election system, respectively. School employees that testified opposed both bills, which concerns me. Residents supported both bills overwhelmingly.

There were dozens of people who came to Ellicott City on a cold, rainy night to advocate for their issues. While I might not agree with everyone’s viewpoints on a particular issue, I was happy to see an informed community willing to speak on the record.


2 thoughts on “Choose Advocacy

  1. Nice post Ms. Coombs.
    I testified at the delegation hearing Tues. evening….but since it was after midnight you may not have heard me. For some reason I’ve not yet figured out, my testimony was left out of the video released on line, which troubles me because i think everyone, in order to make informed decisions needs to be aware of what happened to our child Grace McComas within hcpss and our community, both before and after her death, as well as the Maryland law which now bears her name. Visit Grace McComas Memorial Webpage on Facebook to see my testimony and more.
    Thank you.


    • Although I left at 10 for work and kid reasons, I turned on the TV as soon as I got home. I stayed up and watched everything. Your testimony was compelling and I would like to speak with you. I have read her story. Thank you for reaching out to me.


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